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The ICM Forum has been running since May 2011 with hundreds of active members. Much of its membership is active on iCheckMovies, a wonderful site for finding and working through film lists from many genres and countries. On the forum we discuss movie lists, and the movies themselves, participate in monthly challenges, make film lists and more.

This companion page serves as a repository and index for our lists, challenges and events. You can find links on the left to these indexes. Please browse our lists and come over to the forum to discuss movies and lists with our community.

ICM Forum's World Cup

The ICM World Cup is a tournament where we start with 48 countries, and they get eliminated until one country wins. There are 5 rounds and each round the winning films get replaced with other films from the same country. In the first round the countries are divided in 16 groups of 3 countries. Every participants watches the movies and posts the order of their preference. The results will be calculated head-to-head. In case of a tie, the average ranking decides. In other rounds each match has two countries. The country with the most votes wins and continues to the next round.

Season 1

Round 1

Match Country Film Manager
Match ASpainEl extraño viaje (1964)[The Strange Voyage](IMDb)sortile9io
PortugalTabu (2012)(IMDb)lampadatriste (co: SkilledLunatic)
ThailandRuang rak noi nid mahasan (2003)[Last Life in the Universe](IMDb)globetrotter
Match BIranArousi-ye Khouban (1989)[Marriage of the Blessed](IMDb)kingink
SerbiaVeć viđeno (1987)[Deja Vu](IMDb)Mario Gaborovic
AustraliaCareful, He Might Hear You (1983)(IMDb)CMT
Match CIndiaAgraharathil Kazhuthai (1978)[Donkey in a Brahmin Village](IMDb)perceval
RomaniaReconstituirea (1968)[Reconstruction](IMDb)funkybusiness
ChileLa nana (2009)[The Maid](IMDb)monty
Match DRussiaVoskhozhdenie (1977)[The Ascent](IMDb)Gershwin
GreeceIlektra (1962)[Electra](IMDb)kingink
TunisiaSamt el qusur (1994)[The Silences of the Palace](IMDb)globetrotter
Match EJapanDoro no kawa (1981)[Muddy River](IMDb)Melvelet
Czech RepublicPelíšky (1999)[Cosy Dens](IMDb)HVM
New ZealandSmash Palace (1982)(IMDb)monty
Match FSwedenOle dole doff (1968)[Who Saw Him Die?](IMDb)Dolwphin
FinlandTuntematon sotilas (1955)[The Unknown Soldier](IMDb)joachimt
Hong KongBoon bin yen (1983)[Ah Ying](IMDb)mjf314
Match GUnited StatesThe Whole Shootin' Match (1978)(IMDb)Serriform
PolandPociąg (1959)[Night Train](IMDb)Carmel98
TaiwanKong bu fen zi (1986)[The Terrorizers](IMDb)Melvelet
Match HGermanyVon morgens bis Mitternacht (1922)[From Morn to Midnight](IMDb)perceval
TurkeyTabutta Rövaşata (1996)[Somersault in a Coffin](IMDb)mjf314
CubaEl otro Francisco (1975)[The Other Francisco](IMDb)Angel Glez
Match IChinaShen nu (1934)[The Goddess](IMDb)zhangalan
NetherlandsDe weg naar het zuiden (1981)[The Way South](IMDb)Dolwphin
ArgentinaLa historia oficial (1985)[The Official Story](IMDb)daviddoes
Match JItalyAmici miei (1975)[My Friends](IMDb)jeff_v
AustriaMuseum Hours (2012)(IMDb)funkybusiness
SenegalLa noire de... (1966)[Black Girl](IMDb)Mario Gaborovic
Match KFranceQue la bête meure (1969)[This Man Must Die](IMDb)Samlion
DenmarkSult (1956)[Hunger](IMDb)Gershwin
VietnamBao giờ cho đến tháng Mười (1984)[When the Tenth Month Comes](IMDb)Melvelet
Match LCanadaBrand Upon the Brain! A Remembrance in 12 Chapters (2006)(IMDb)Serriform
ScotlandMy Childhood (1972)(IMDb)AdamH
PhillippinesTatlong taong walang Diyos (1976)[Three Godless Years](IMDb)Angel Glez
Match MSouth KoreaSonghwan (2003)[Repatriation](IMDb)zhangalan
GeorgiaIko shashvi mgalobeli (1970)[Once Upon a Time There Was a Singing Blackbird](IMDb)funkybusiness
BrazilO Pagador de Promessas (1962)[The Given Word](IMDb)SkilledLunatic
Match NEnglandA Cottage on Dartmoor (1929)(IMDb)jeff_v
NorwayJakten (1959)[The Chasers](IMDb)joachimt
EgyptAl-mummia (1969)[The Night of the Counting Years](IMDb)kingink
Match OHungaryAz ötödik pecsét (1976)[The Fifth Seal](IMDb)mjf314
BelgiumLe huitième jour (1996)[The Eighth Day](IMDb)Samlion
IndonesiaOpera Jawa (2006)[Requiem from Java](IMDb)globetrotter
Match PMexicoLa perla (1947)[The Pearl](IMDb)monty
IsraelHatuna Meuheret (2001)[Late Marriage](IMDb)Angel Glez
MozambiqueO Jardim do Outro Homem (2007)[Another Man's Garden](IMDb)Mario Gaborovic

Elimination Rounds

Match Country Film Manager
Match 2ARussiaNeotpravlennoe pismo (1960)[Letter Never Sent](IMDb)Gershwin
CanadaLa bête lumineuse (1982)[The Shimmering Beast](IMDb)Serriform
Match 2BHungaryDaliás idök (1983)(IMDb)mjf314
NorwayNi liv (1957)[Nine Lives](IMDb)joachimt
Match 2CBrazilAssalto ao Trem Pagador (1962)[Assault on the Pay Train](IMDb)ArthurYanthar
MexicoEl infierno (2010)[El Narco](IMDb)monty
Match 2DSwedenBanketten (1948)(IMDb)Dolwphin
PolandNa wylot (1973)[Through and Through](IMDb)Carmel98
Match 2EAustriaSonnenstrahl (1933)[Ray of Sunshine](IMDb)funkybusiness
ChinaBei kao bei, lian dui lian (1994)[Back to Back, Face to Face](IMDb)zhangalan
Match 2FChileJulio comienza en julio (1979)[Julio Begins in July](IMDb)monty
TurkeyHudutlarin kanunu (1966)[The Law of the Border](IMDb)mjf314
Match 2GSpainMuerte de un ciclista (1955)[Death of a Cyclist](IMDb)sortile9io
SerbiaDecko koji obecava (1981)[The Promising Boy](IMDb)Mario Gaborovic
Match 2HJapanShura (1971)[Demons](IMDb)Melvelet
DenmarkReconstruction (2003)(IMDb)Gershwin
Match QF1HungaryAz én XX. századom (1989)[My 20th Century](IMDb)mjf314
BrazilNoite Vazia (1964)[Men and Women](IMDb)ArthurYanthar
Match QF2ChinaYang guang can lan de ri zi (1994)[In the Heat of the Sun](IMDb)zhangalan
SpainEl verdugo (1963)[The Executioner](IMDb)sortile9io
Match QF3JapanYume no ginga (1997)[Labyrinth of Dreams](IMDb)Melvelet
RussiaBelovy (1992)[The Belovs](IMDb)Gershwin
Match QF4ChileEl chacal de Nahueltoro (1969)[Jackal of Nahueltoro](IMDb)monty
PolandSwiadectwo urodzenia (1961)[Birth Certificate](IMDb)Carmel98
Match SF1SpainBlancanieves (2012)[Snow White](IMDb)sortile9io
HungaryFehérlófia (1981)[Son of the White Mare](IMDb)mjf314
Match SF2JapanOnna no naka ni iru tanin (1966)[The Stranger Within a Woman](IMDb)Melvelet
PolandPrzesluchanie (1982)[Interrogation](IMDb)Carmel98
3rd PlaceHungaryÍgy jöttem (1965)[My Way Home](IMDb)mjf314
JapanSuzaki Paradaisu: Akashingô (1956)[Suzaki Paradise Red Light](IMDb)Melvelet
FinalSpainEl sur (1983)(IMDb)sortile9io
PolandAmator (1979)[Camera Buff](IMDb)Carmel98