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The ICM Forum has been running since May 2011 with hundreds of active members. Much of its membership is active on iCheckMovies, a wonderful site for finding and working through film lists from many genres and countries. On the forum we discuss movie lists, and the movies themselves, participate in monthly challenges, make film lists and more.

This companion page serves as a repository and index for our lists, challenges and events. You can find links on the left to these indexes. Please browse our lists and come over to the forum to discuss movies and lists with our community.

May 2017

What's new this month

ICM Forum's Favourite Chinese Movies Due May 28th
Year by Year Polls: 2005 Due Late May/Early June
1947 Awards Game Due May 10
1991 Awards Game Due May 21st

Results coming soon/In progress:
ICM Forum's Favourite Movies of the 2000s: Coming Soon
Doubling The Canon

Westerns Challenge
TSPDT Challenge

Discussion: Top first-time viewings of April

Results from last month:
ICM Forum's Favorite Movies (2017 Edition)
#1 Film: 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) - Stanley Kubrick
Year-by-Year Polls: 1981 Top Film: Das Boot

Challenge Winners:
Animation Challenge Winner: albajos - 120 Films
French Challenge Winner: jdidaco - 42