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The ICM Forum has been running since May 2011 with hundreds of active members. Much of its membership is active on iCheckMovies, a wonderful site for finding and working through film lists from many genres and countries. On the forum we discuss movie lists, and the movies themselves, participate in monthly challenges, make film lists and more.

This companion page serves as a repository and index for our lists, challenges and events. You can find links on the left to these indexes. Please browse our lists and come over to the forum to discuss movies and lists with our community.

Welcome to the ICM Forum


With a large number of new members coming in from the IMDb forums (if you haven't joined you can come introduce yourself in this thread or just jump right in), we felt this was a perfect time to begin this companion site for an easy to browse collection of our lists, challenges and events. We hope to make regular posts announcing upcoming polls and challenges and any other events on the forum.

Currently we have 8 days left in February, so it's not too late to join our 2 current challenges:
Criterion + Masters of Cinema Challenge and the Academy Awards Challenge

We are also accepting lists for the ICM Forum's Favourite Japanese Films, Due March 6th. It will be followed by the forum's yearly Top 1001 films so be sure to get your lists in for that as well, Due March 18th.

We are also happy to be the host of the multi month Doubling the Canon Project, a semi-official companion list to TSPDT, currently accepting lists until sometime in mid march, after TSPDT announces its 21st century list.

Our second World Cup season is wrapping up, with the finals and third place matches coming up soon. USA will be facing off against Italy from Feb 26th to Mar 12th, while Spain vies for 3rd place against surprise semi-finalist Egypt from Mar 8th to Mar 22nd. See this post for more information. Everyone is welcome to join in even if you haven't participated before.

Our new members from the former IMDb forums (RIP) have been quick to join in, bringing along their Year by Year polls. We are currently doing 1940, with submissions due March 11th. These will be a good complement to our existing yearly awards threads, where 1925 is currently wrapping up, so hurry if you hope to participate.

Of course there are many other interesting discussions, such as the current Film of the week: L'assassin habite... au 21, the newly begun Short of the Day and much more.